I'm Vinay Khatri

Full Stack Developer

Vinay Khatri

Full Stack Developer

With over three years of comprehensive expertise, I am a seasoned professional adept in both Full Stack Development and Red Teaming within Cybersecurity. My background encompasses a broad spectrum of experience, spanning web and system application development coupled with a deep understanding of security practices.

Experience Highlights:
Full Stack Development: Proficiency in architecting robust web and system applications, spanning the entire technology stack.
Cybersecurity Red Teaming: Skilled in conducting assessments, identifying vulnerabilities, and fortifying cybersecurity defenses.
Multifaceted Technology Proficiency: Well-versed in a wide spectrum of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, C++, C, Go, C#, Django, and Go.
Cross-Platform Competence: Experience working across diverse operating systems such as Windows and Linux, navigating their intricacies for development and security purposes.
Hosting and Cloud Services: Hands-on experience with hosting solutions and cloud services, harnessing their potential for scalable application deployment.

: Delhi India

: https://stackoverflow.com/users/11237868/vinay-khatri

: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vinay-khatri/

: https://github.com/KHATRIVINAY1

: khatrivinay1@gmail.com

Dev: https://dev.to/khatrivinay

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Age: 24

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My Skills



Jan 2023-Current
Innefu Labs Pvt Ltd

Full Stack Developer

- Working with C++ and Python

- Building Windows System Application

- Working with different networking Protocols like TCP and HTTP

- Working with C++ winapis and winform to build graphical application

June 2021- Dec 2022
Techatom Pvt Ltd

Full Stack Developer

- Worked with Python, Django, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

- Develop and Deploy Various Websites

- Build Tools like Broken Link Checker, XML to JSON converter, and Random Password Generator

- Manage and deploy websites of linux servers using cpanel


Ganga Institute of Technology and Management

B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

August-2017 to July-2021

Mount Olivet Sr. Secondary School

Class 12th March-2017